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                                                                           StreyKatt aka Bobby Collins,                                                                                                                      is an artist, born in New York, USA, and is based in Berlin, Germany.                                                             Using analogue photography, as his main medium, since 2007, along with video, and prosaic writing,                         his self-taught education in and experience with the medium,  stems from having worked alongside high-end            fashion, entertainment and advertising photographers, during the 1990's onwards.

                                At present, his particular perspective is continuing to capture the eyes of buyers,                                            magazines, designers and musicians, as well as collaborators, in search of distinct and personable artwork                               and imagery that will, optimistically, have a long standing visual relevance for years to come.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                More of an 'auteur',  studio images of people for fashion, bands or portraits,                                                  yield the most idiosyncratic output, which is what people come to him for, if he hasn't come to them first!                          As for other artistic photographic endeavors, empirical practice is used in creating a different point of view;                            poetic, thematic, and serial, are the primary explorations in an undertaking with technical aspects that                            contribute in defining Streykatt's noteworthy works.


       All photographs are the intellectual property of Bobby Collins. Any use and or interest of use, must first be arranged with or through Bobby Collins.